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The Weight is Over!

Curds 'n' Weigh: The Weight is Over!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Weight is Over!

(Ernestine Shepherd is my fitness idol!!!  75 years old and looks AMAZING)

For the past couple of weeks, I have been nervously awaiting my gym membership to resume (I placed a freeze on it two months ago so that I didn't have to keep paying when I wasn't going) started back up Monday.  I thought that I would be excited, but found that I was filled with anxiety and apprehension.  Self-defeating thoughts filled my head like raspberry jelly in a powdered donut: what will I wear so that I don't look so do I work out when my joints are hurting so badly...will everyone be looking at do I perform exercise X without my fat rolls jiggling?

The gym has always been an intimidating place for me, though when I am going regularly I am fearless!  My mind plays tricks on me in an attempt to lull me back into the complacency of inactivity.  None of my fears are reality...when I am a regular at the gym, I find that there is endless support from staff and trainers...I see many of the same people and develop a sense of community...I may be the biggest person, but I'm also one of the hardest workers!  In reality, I quite enjoy my time at the gym (it's just the embarrassment that I don't look forward to).  I LOVE lifting weights and attending dance classes.

This morning, I packed my gym bag...once a daily seemed so foreign today!  I created a workout schedule for the next two weeks and will revise it after that according to my fitness level.

I have proposed the following challenges for myself for the next two weeks:
1.  Follow my workout schedule to the letter (Zumba T, Th, Saturday/Weight Circuit M, W, F)
2.  Attend at least one workout class that I've never tried (considering either kickboxing or Body Pump)
3.  Only take the elevator when going more than 3 flights up or 6 flights down

What is your favorite exercise?  Do you prefer to work out at the gym or outside?

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At July 12, 2012 at 12:15 PM , Blogger itsAmy9 said...

I'm a simpleton. I love easy to follow DVD's. Anything too dancey and I am done. I feel like a failure before I even began. That's why I love to run/walk, its EASY! I know its not for everyone but it is for me! KUDOS to you for trying a new class... Have you considered pole dancing...? I hear it's an awesome workout. No jokes.

At July 12, 2012 at 1:05 PM , Blogger B. Amour Love said...

Lol Amy. I absolutely love dancing!!! DVDs just don't quite do it for favorite is hip-hop; it definitely takes practice though...and I still look silly but I just dance like no one is watching :) I have considered pole dancing and will actually be trying it out in a few months...but honestly, I'm very afraid that I will break the pole.


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