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Superwoman Juice!

Curds 'n' Weigh: Superwoman Juice!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Superwoman Juice!

I believe I can fly...too bad I'm afraid of heights :(

I was always a bit skeptical of fully green juices.  I have no problem adding kale and spinach to my juices, but a juice fully comprised of veggies was too much like a granola chained-to-a-tree-to-be-one-with-nature health nut for my liking!!!  But I felt brave today...and now I feel like superwoman!

I combined a cup of kale, a handful of spring mix, carrot, pear, half of a zucchini and a bit of lemon and ginger.  The end result looks like bug guts, but was pretty tasty.  The ginger made it a little spicy, but the tartness of the lemon and sweetness of the carrot and pear paired together very nicely.  I instantly got a boost of energy and felt revitalized.

Felt in a carroty type mood tonight, so I had tilapia with carrot rice and a side salad.  Total dinner with juice just under 550 calories...1781 calories for the day.  Today is the first day where I hit every nutritional requirement without going over (not even sodium....slightly under for Potassium though) an A for my report card :)

Report Card for the day:

1781 total calories
242g   Carbohydrates
104g   Protein
53g     Fat
11.7g  Saturated Fat
298g   Cholesterol
1189g Sodium
43g     Fiber (147% daily value!!!)
47,614mg    Vitamin A (952% daily value!!!)
1,142mg      Vitamin C (1523% daily value!!!)
1,126mg      Calcium
19.4mg        Iron
3111mg       Potassium (daily recommended is 4000)

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