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I am becoming...

Curds 'n' Weigh: I am becoming...

Monday, July 23, 2012

I am becoming...

I am becoming...someone unknown to me.  I have never met her, but I know she is confident; I have never seen her, but I know she is brave.  I am obsessed with my outer appearance, while her infatuation is the well-being of her soul. I am deafened by the silence around me, yet in stillness her spirit whispers wisdom.  She tells me that my scars quilt the patchwork of her essence; my stumbling blocks, the stepping stones to her destiny.  She is unintimidated by the things that frighten me...unflinching at what makes me afraid.  She wears my dishonor like a cloak, unashamed and unabashedly pursuing that which fulfills her.  She is not deterred by the distractions that beguile me; steadfast in her purpose, with blinders she progresses.  My doubts ignite her determination; my trepidation, her certainty.  She was conceived in my passion, birthed from my dreams.

(PS...this was my first time at target practice and I got a BULLSEYE!!!)

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