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The Skinny Girl I Ate

Curds 'n' Weigh: The Skinny Girl I Ate

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Skinny Girl I Ate

There's a thin, healthy girl inside of me yearning to be free!

I see her every time I stare at my belly flab and wonder which roll will disappear first. Her bra straps don't hide between her underarm fat and her skinny jeans look like jeans instead of body paint. Her thighs don't rub together and she has a pouch for a stomach instead of a GUT. She doesn't hide behind other people in pictures or pose sideways to hide her wideness. She isn't concerned every moment with how she looks to others.

She is free to do whatever she wants without worrying if she'll break something...she even likes the little plastic chairs. She hikes, jogs, goes white water rafting, plays on a softball team and still has enough energy to be a vixen in the bedroom. In fact, she has quite a few sexy clothes that I would never think of wearing.

She respects herself and demands that everyone else do the same. While she cares for her family, she makes sure that her needs are met first so that she can be the best for them.

The skinny girl inside me has taught me that I have to love myself if I ever want to meet her. She said that if I believe in myself and accept who I am today, slowly but surely she will appear to me.

With every drink of water, every healthy food choice, every decision to work out...I am one step closer to meeting her and boy are we going to have fun!!!

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